The 22nd International Young Audience
Film Festival Ale Kino!
Poznań 1-5.06.2004

MS Word's file

  1. The 22nd International Young Audience Film Festival Ale Kino! will be held from the 1st till the 5th of June 2004 in Poznań.
  2. The organisers of the Festival are: Children's Art Centre, Poznań Film Foundation, Multikino Sp. z o.o., in co-operation with "Zamek" Cultural Centre.
  3. The object of the Festival is to present and promote valuable films for children and youths, stimulate their distribution and create a forum of artists, film critics and theorists, producers, distributors, representatives of audio-visual media, pedagogues and young viewers. The Festival forms an important element of cultural education by offering young audiences an opportunity to watch films and participate in various educational activities.
  4. The Festival's programme comprises:
    • screenings of films in the competition,
    • special screenings,
    • a seminar,
    • additional events.
  5. The competition is open to films meeting the following criteria:
    • live-action or animated, of running time no shorter than 50 minutes,
    • produced in the years 2002-2004,
    • on a 35 mm tape with optical sound recording,
    • representing a separate artistic whole.
  6. To enter for special shows, the films may have other running times and may be recorded on other carries.
  7. Films may be entered by their producers or authorised institutions using entry forms that should be sent in by 31 January 2004. The forms should be accompanied by a VHS cassette; foreign films must have subtitles or a dialogue list in the English language.
  8. The festival organisers will carry out the selection of films. All entrants will be notified of the decision of the organisers by 1 March 2004. In the event of the film being admitted to the competition it is necessary to immediately provide the following:
    • a dialogue list in English; if a Polish film has no English language dialogue list a Polish language list must be provided. It will be translated by the organisers,
    • a summary of the film,
    • the director's biography, filmography and a photograph,
    • stills and promotional materials.
  9. Prints of films admitted to the competition must be sent by 15 May 2004 to the following address:
    Centrum Sztuki Dziecka
    ul. Św. Marcin 80/82, 61-809 Poznań, Polska
    Airport of Destination Poznań
    - Ławica

  10. Prints should be in the original version, if possible with English language subtitles.
  11. The sender shall bear the shipping costs. The costs of returning the film and the insurance costs shall be borne by the Festival organisers. Insurance, up to the full value of the copy quoted in the entry form, covers the period from delivering the copy to the Festival by the carrier to the collection of the copy by the returning carrier. Copies shall be returned immediately after the end of the Festival to the address indicated in the entry form.
  12. The entrants consent to the gratuitous use of:
    • the delivered copy of the film for two additional screenings during the Festival,
    • the delivered promotional materials in Festival publications,
    • fragments of films submitted by the entrants for promotional purposes.
  13. The organisers will invite the authors of the films admitted to the competition.
  14. Films participating in the competition shall be judged by an international jury appointed by the organisers. The jury shall award the following regulation prizes:
    • Grand Prix - Poznań Golden Goats,
    • Poznań Silver Goats,
    • Poznań Bronze Goats.
    The Jury may grant distinctions.
    In addition, the jury shall award the prize of the International Centre of Films for Children and Young People CIFEJ.
  15. Film presented in the competition will also be judged by a children's jury awarding the Macinek prize and by a youth's jury awarding the Marcin prize.
  16. The Festival organisers award an outstanding Polish artist a special prize, Poznań Platinum Goats for the life's film work for young audiences.
  17. Other special prizes funded by private individuals, institutions and organisations agreed with the organisers may also be awarded.
  18. Submission of a film to the Festival shall be tantamount to acceptance of these regulations. The organisers shall make decisions in matters not covered by these regulations.